Our History

"Grandfather Batistì, returned from the war, carried on, together with grandmother Giuseppina, the farm that his uncle left him."

It is with those words that the story of Terra Donata begins.

A story of men and women dedicated to work and to their land.

In 1947 Giuseppe was born from Batistì and Giuseppina, Giuseppe grew up among the fields and since he was 14 years old he worked in the factory during the day and in the fields in the evenings and weekends.

The family manages to buy other lands that they dedicated to the cultivation of cereals, corn and wheat mainly, and a small part is cultivated in vineyards.

In 1978 the farm was officially established. Together with Giuseppe, Donata, his wife, helped out.

At the beginning of the 90s Franciacorta sees its expansion and Giuseppe decides to plant more Chardonnay and Pinot Noir vineyards. This is how he starts the work as a grape consignee for the most important Franciacorta wineries.

Donata and Giuseppe have a son, Maurizio, who, like every child, loves to play with his father's tractor and take part in the great harvest party by pressing the grapes.

As mentioned, however, the story of Terra Donata is a story of courage, determination and entrepreneurial spirit.

In 1995, Maurizio, just 15 years old, found himself having to take over the management of the Farm, after his father's early death.

Maurizio dedicates his life to the countryside and develops the responsibility and the desire to stay in his land, a land that was given to him by his grandfather and by his father.

On his way he meets mentors, who care about him and help him understand the values behind the life of a farmer.

Maurizio is not alone, his mother Donata is the engine, the beating heart, the soul, that has carried on the Farm

The winery has always produced still wine, which was sold in bulk and consumed by friends and family.

The desire to experiment is strong, and after a series of renovations of the winery, in 2004 Maurizio began the first attempts to produce a Franciacorta, helped with the advices of friends and relatives.

For him, however, it is a great frustration, his wine does not reflect his land and his soul. He decides to move away from the common way of producing wine, and begins to work in a precise, careful and above all respectful way of the hard work done in the vineyards.

It takes years before he manages to find his own way of making Franciacorta, a spontaneous and natural way, which aims first of all to have the best product in the vineyard and then to preserve it as much as possible in the cellar. A wine that starts from the earth.

Today Maurizio is confident of how to move in the vineyards and the winery and manages to give the maximum expression of his land in a Franciacorta that limits as much as possible the use of non-natural substances.

Terra Donata produces 7000 bottles from about 1 hectare of vineyards, selecting the best Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from the various plots of land.

Terra Donata Franciacorta represent the personal satisfaction and revenge of a boy who wanted to get out of the ordinary thinking to respect the land that was given to him.

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